As well completions are becoming more and more complex, alternatives to traditional well intervention technologies surface.

A way of optimizing mechanical interventions, while also providing a value-creating alternative, is the utilization of established down hole wireline tractor technology. The manipulation and/or replacement of down hole hardware components in conjunction with wireline stroker and wireline key (intelligent shifting tool) applications makes it possible to perform reliable, economical, and flexible interventions such as opening/closing sliding sleeve doors (SSD) or valves, setting and retrieving plugs, straddles and gas lift valves (GLV), even in horizontal and extended reach drilled (ERD) wells.

Various successful applications in the industry of this down hole shifting system proves the reliability and practicability of these technologies as a cost effective alternative to traditional intervention methods.

One example was the successful application of a tool string combination comprising of a wireline tractor with a stroking tool and a key tool used to close a 5-1/2" SSD located in a section of the well at more than 70° angle in the midst of various operational constraints including tight allowable deck space, allowable personnel-on-board (POB) and allowable project time frame. Despite these challenges, the entire operation saved the operator 4.5 days and approximately USD 650,000 in costs as compared to traditional intervention methods.

Another example was the successful application of the wireline tractor and wireline stroker in a newly drilled well being prepared for production from three of the production zones in the reservoir. The wireline tractor and wireline stroker successfully sat a deep set plug, shifted close an SSD and retrieved the deep set plug with zero personnel injury and zero hour lost time.

Third example was the application of the wireline tractor and wireline stroker to repair a well completion in an old producing well by isolating a stuck SSD with a 22-meter multi-section straddle and then isolate holes in the tubing with an 8-meter single straddle. Well optimization was remarkable with Q oil increased by 900% and water cut reduced from 85% to less than 5%.

With the wireline tractor, wireline stroker and wireline key tool technology, and the case histories that prove the reliability and advantages associated to these technologies, well and completion designers' creativity are now less restricted by the concerns of the feasibility and economical constraint of future well interventions in highly deviated, horizontal or ERD wells, thus fast tracking of new well designs is possible.

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