A major Russian operator has encountered operational risks and challenges in oil production due to the highly diverse reservoir properties of Siberian fields. The majority of the operator's east and west Siberian fields include heterogeneous sandstones with low to high permeability, complicated geological and stratigraphic cross-sections and an active bottom water aquifer. In some areas, a gas cap is one of the drive mechanisms.

Horizontal wells tend to become more popular in both green and brown fields because of improved recovery efficiency due to increased reservoir drainage area. However, unbalanced inflow profiles along horizontal sections can result in early water/gas breakthrough which shortens well life and decreases overall profitability.

This paper will describe the application of inflow control technology in two Siberian fields (one with a sand control issue), addressing early water and gas breakthrough caused by intensive water injection and a massive gas cap. Production is optimized by ensuring uniform inflow profile along lateral sections and minimizing annular flow. The setting selection process for inflow control devices and the integration of reservoir analysis with well completion are detailed. The resulting delay of water/gas breakthrough in these horizontal wells leads to enhanced recovery efficiency and improved productivity.

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