Safety is a top foundation of world-class drilling and well operations performance. Working safely is a condition of employment for everyone who works in specific rig both offshore and onshore. Every year, workers suffer approximately 150,000 caught or crushed by injuries that occur when body parts get caught between two objects or entangled with machinery. These hazards are also referred to as "pinch points." The physical forces applied to a body part caught in a pinch point can vary and cause injuries ranging from bruises, cuts, and scalping to mangled and amputated body parts, and even death. The best way to get people motivated is to let them do what they want to do, and in a true HSE culture you will have achieved this goal. The core of "Hearts and Minds" is having everyone interested in success, not just one or two individuals with their own private agenda. Too many initiatives have failed because the "Hearts and Minds" had not been won, no matter how worthy the original proposal may have been.

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