Solid expandable tubular technology presents an opportunity to significantly boost the production capacity of wells by increasing the size of the completion. As such, it offers an economically attractive and environmentally friendly option to breathe new life into gas fields. It is flexible in its application, and can be applied fast to react quickly to changes in future gas demand. It makes effective use of existing surface facilities, and does not affect abandonment costs.

This paper describes the planning and installation of the world's first 7-5/8" 13Cr (13% Chromium) solid expandable tubular workovers in the F23 gas field in Sarawak. A significant amount of development work, modelling and testing was done to deliver components required for the installation. The solid expandable tubular workover resulted in an increase of 50% in well capacity for one of the wells of which the production results were known at the time of writing this paper.

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