The Sanga Sanga Production Sharing Concession, Eastern Kalimantan, Indonesia, includes the Badak, Nilam, Semberah, and Mutiara fields. Successful continuing development of these fields poses logistical, drilling, and geologic challenges that vary from field to field. This paper discusses these challenges, here treated in the order in which they are typically encountered in practice. These challenges include:

  • Dealing with complex geology including a variety of structural closures as well as erratically distributed ancient river sands that occur as stacked pays in different combinations from well to adjacent well. Developing designer wells to exploit stranded attic gas

  • Coping with hard-to-access terrain that ranges from hilly topography to low tidal areas

  • Environmental issues: protection, waste handling, bioremediation

  • Dealing with varied land drilling rig configurations and different crews to man them

  • Maintaining equipment in good working order

  • Drilling — with above normal mud weights to maintain borehole stability with wide variations in differential pressure — through shallow, higher pressure, gas-bearing sands into significantly lower pore pressure gas-bearing sands at depth

VICO Indonesia currently operates the Sanga Sanga Production Sharing Concession. This project, a joint venture between BP and ENI, has been on production since the early 70’s. These fields feed gas to the Bontang LNG plant; the world’s largest LNG facility, and it is a significant, major challenge to drill wells in a timely and efficient basis to maintain supplies to Bontang plant.

This paper will review the steps taken to deal with the various individual challenges in multi-field development. The more difficult challenges are interpreting the geology, designing special purpose wells, and. drilling through sections with variable pore pressures.

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