This study presents the development of a web-based fuzzy expert system for aiding in the planning and completion of multilateral wells. The reasoning process is based on a systematic planning approach for screening and selecting multilateral well candidates, lateral-section completion types, and the junction levels of complexity. A modular approach was employed. The system has been fully implemented to run on the web and provides an excellent example of how a number of heterogeneous tools and applications can be integrated on the web. Rule-based knowledge sources and the inference mechanisms were implemented using Resolver.

The recent evolution of multilateral technology introduced a large variation of completion options for multilateral wells. Many of these options are simple and basic while others are complex. These complex completions allow the use of multilaterals in a much wider range of well scenarios that can accommodate a large number of production-styles constraints and rock-properties conditions. The development of a fuzzy expert system, that implements a comprehensive planning approach for multilateral well completion, allows to deal with ambiguous well-completion scenarios. It also introduces a systematic approach for the design of fit-for-purpose multilateral wells with intelligent flow capabilities.

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