Hardbanding materials are used to protect tool joint drillpipe against wear in drilling operations. Hardbanding shall resist wear in openhole conditions with a minimum damage to upper casing. Laying down drillpipe for hardbanding repair can significantly increase rig time and tubular costs. All hardbanding products applied for Sincor were wearing out completely after drilling 15,000 ft in 50 hours in the reservoir. It was necessary to search for new hardbanding alternatives with an extended lifetime. A field evaluation program was designed to compare wear resistance of different commercial hardbanding materials and to evaluate new techniques for welding tungsten carbide pellets with alloying wires and for testing of tungsten carbide spheres being laser applied. Hardbanding products were selected upon analysis of wear mechanisms occurring in drillpipe while drilling horizontal wells in Sincor. Wear resistance was monitored in terms of cumulative drilled footage until gauging complete wear of hardbanding on tooljoints. One of the newly developed hardbanding products was finally selected as the best option after considering its superior wear resistance, minimum expected casing damage, and moderate cost. This is the first reported successful application of tungsten carbide pellets welded within a hard matrix provided by an alloy wire for hardbanding purposes.

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