The analysis of accidents over the past 20 years reveals the reasons why accidents happen and give valuable indications on how to prevent accidents in the future.

In a 20 year history, collection and evaluation of accidents which happened to employees of Weatherford Oil Tool GmbH, Germany, depending on the German legislation only "Lost Time Accidents" are recorded. "Non Lost Time" - and "Near Miss Incidents" will be mentioned at the end of this study.

Our goal is of course to reduce the number of accidents to zero. The way will still be difficult, steep and slippery but many reasons count to make our utmost efforts to achieve that goal.

1. Introduction

Accidents are not only painful or even tragic for the person involved and his family but also a general loss of income and money by lost time, cost of illness, insurance and indirect costs, for the public as well as for the company. Therefore, the SCC (Safety Certificate Contractors) regulations which have been in practice for two years require a certain accident rate not to be exceeded.

The purpose of this study is to analyze the accident reasons broken down to the lowest level, define the focus points and from there develop ways, instruments and methods to really achieve zero!

Weatherford Oil Tool GmbH is a manufacturing and service company near Hannover, Germany. The manufacturing plant develops and assembles rig mechanization equipment and power equipment as well as mechanical cementing products (centralizers). The number of employees in the manufacturing facility is 155 (including administration). Also included in the legal entity of the company is a service station providing services such as well installation services (casing and tubing running services), fishing and window milling activities and completion services, with a total of 240 employees. Additionally there are 22 employees working for sister companies abroad.

2. Statistics

The statistical summary starts in the year 1981 and is consistently followed until now. The data collected comprise the following subjects:

  • Number of "Lost Time Accidents" per location (Fig. 1):

  • Manufacturing plant Langenhagen

  • Operations Germany

  • Operations foreign countries

The number of accidents per year declined from 33 in 1982 to 7 in 2001.

  • Number of employees per location (Fig. 2)

The number of employees changed from 380 in 1982 to 240 in 2001. The number of accidents must be considered in relation to the number of employees.

  • Part of body injured (Fig. 3): Arm; hand; foot; leg; head; body; spine.

  • Kind of injury (Fig. 4): Permanent damage; cut; fracture; strain; bruise; contusion.

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