This paper describes techniques to gravel pack multiple pay zones in a single open hole wellbore with positive zonal isolation between zones. For vertical and moderately deviated wells, these techniques provide an alternative to traditional stacked cased hole frac-packs. Open hole gravel packing eliminates the cost of cementing and perforating casing and can be pumped with considerably less hydraulic horsepower and blending equipment than a cased hole frac-pack. Therefore, open hole gravel packs can be performed at lower cost using more readily available, skid mounted equipment set on the rig versus a stimulation vessel typically required for frac-packs.

In addition, using current state-of-the-art technology, open hole gravel packs are capable of achieving high efficiency well completions with little or no productivity impairment. Open hole gravel packing has typically been limited to single massive sandstone reservoirs or the bottom pay zone in wells containing multiple zones. The techniques described in this paper allow open hole gravel packs to be applied in wellbores intersecting multiple pay zones. These methods can save considerable time and cost in suitable candidate wells.

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