The benefits of drilling multilateral wells in slot limited applications such as offshore platforms are well known. Using multilateral technology in a project can minimize facility costs, reduce drilling costs, maximize reservoir exposure and reach secondary targets. When a project is in the planning stage, there is often resistance to multilateral concepts due to a perception of increased operational risks and doubts that the economic benefits will be fully realized. The key to broadening the implementation of this technology is matching actual opportunities with robust, reliable multilateral systems.

In a project in the Arabian Gulf, an operator implemented the use of Technical Committee for the Advancement of Multi Laterals (TAML) level 5 pressure isolated junction systems with through tubing access to develop a single reservoir in a slot limited application. Both pre-milled and retrievable oriented milled window technology were used as a platform for the completed junction. This illuminates how this technology is used in new or existing wells.

A study of how the unique operational issues were solved illuminates the success of the application of this technology to this project. It will also provide an insight into best practices to aid in the planning and execution of other complex well types. Operational and economic results, as compared to single lateral wells on the same platform, provide insight into many advantages realized in this program.

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