In mature areas well construction costs are the primary obstacle in the development of marginal fields. Implementing more targets into one well path can reduce the exploratory risk. Horizontal wells can help to reduce development costs. However, these wells represent a major cost factor. To reduce horizontal well costs a new casing and completion philosophy, saving the intermediate casing string across the build up section was worked out. Substantial savings result from reduced logging and casing program. Moreover, the concept provides utmost flexibility to actual production requirements. Applying the new concept well costs can be reduced by approximately 30%.

An example of a recently drilled super slanted appraisal well is given. To improve project economics several secondary targets were included in the well path. To even more reduce well costs, starting from the kick off point the well was drilled in one run, with one bit and one bottom hole assembly. Unfortunately the primary target did not come in. But especially under these conditions the concept proved to be most economical.

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