This paper summarizes the application of high quality and high speed concentrated surface drilling technique for the first time in drilling and cementing surface interval of 14 wells in 56 hours with average time of 3.99hr/well in phase II development of this field. The project was characterized by improvement mainly in 4 aspects: conductors were 15m shorter than normal; wellhead spacing reduced from 2m×2m to 1.5×1.8m; surface casing changed from seamless casing to erw casing; with additives; the strength of quick hardening cement reached 4.2MPa in 4 hours, 61% stronger, so the whole operation process was safe and smooth compared with that of Block J, which was the fastest then, the efficiency was improved by 55.7%, 3 hours saved each well. The success of this technique had 3 significant meanings: broke the wellhead spacing of 2m×2m and realized the close wellhead spacing of 1.5m×1.8m successfully, so the wellhead platform dimension and project cost were; realized the quick hardening cementing of low temperature surface interval, resolved the leakage on concentrated drilling and cementing surface interval, explored the method of surface open-hole volume calculation, which laid basis for the concept of close wellheads and big platform and provided reference experience for the phase II overall development of SZ36-1 oil field.

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