Developing oil and gas fields in Southeast Asia profitably can be very challenging. This is partly due to the unique and difficult geological and geophysical problems associated with the Tertiary non-marine basins so prevalent in this part of the world. These problems stem from the discontinuous nature of these reservoirs, which make log correlation difficult and seismic mapping slow and untenable. In addition, reservoirs tend to be highly faulted, and characterized more often than not by poor seismic character. Numerous recompletions, relatively low per-well yields and fast drilling rates combine to pressure asset management teams to continually generate new well locations and update reserves. The workload is immense.

These and other challenges have led to the recent emphasis on workflow planning as a means by which to reduce cycle time and increase integration. Effective workflow demands the need for integrated workstation software system This paper discusses workflow planning in Southeast Asia, its problems, some solutions and implications via the use of the GeoFrame* software platform.

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