Among multilateral well systems that can be drilled using today'stechnology, more than thirty dual and quad lateral wells have been successfully implemented in an oil field. The advantage gained over single lateral wells is an increased reservoir access per well drilled. There are some investigations dealing with inflow performance and economic evaluation of multilateral wells, excluding dual and quad laterals. Therefore, further reservoir engineering and economic studies should be conducted to evaluate the potential of these dual and quad well systems for improving the profitability of reservoirs.

The objectives of the present work are to study the effect of reservoir characteristics on the production performance of a dual and a quad laterals and to evaluate the economic attractiveness when compared with a single lateralwell. Based on the performance prediction model used and the economic evaluation, results obtained show that the use of such multilateral wells would be economically more attractive for reservoirs with low-to-medium permeability. Also found, on the basis of the comparison made here, that the economic benefits are influenced as well by the magnitudes of reservoir anisotropy, the lateral holes placement, and producing rate.

Overall, from a reservoir management point of view, the results demonstrate the importance of adequate reservoir characterization and the production strategy in the applications. P. 53

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