Reservoir characterization and flow prediction modeling form the fundamental basis of modern integrated Asset Management. As our oil industry evolves, increasingly sophisticated component technologies are being developed and applied in support of these characterization and modeling objectives. The oil industry is developing and embracing these new component technologies at a stunning pace - sometimes without full knowledge as to how each component might be consolidated into an overall solution to address real business issues.

Forging through the maze of available technologies to identify a process which will address a specific business question is a challenge that requires several insights: an understanding of the business objective and risk, an understanding of specific details as to what each technology offers and, an understanding of how each technology can be linked to form an overall solution. This is a complex quest which often results in uncertainty within both company management and employees who are unclear as to how any individual technology will "pay out" or how a particular subprocess will be used as part of a whole to "make a difference".

During ongoing efforts to evaluate new reservoir modeling technologies at Caltex, a team of Caltex specialists developed a combination work process/data flow model for reservoir modeling and characterization. The work/data process model definitions are expressed in the form of Reservoir Modeling Process (RMP) maps. These maps can be used to understand and define the overall objectives of an integrated team effort and accordingly allocate resources and project deliverables for Reservoir Characterization and Flow Modeling.

The RMP process maps are scaleable in that various degrees of sophistication, and commensurate business risk-reduction, can be implemented. Examples of RMP application and scalability are offered from the historic use within Caltex CPI Indonesia. Current limitations and future evolution of the RMP process maps is also discussed.

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