This paper presents a successful integration of pressure transient tests, production, and seismic data to detect inter- reservoir communication between Hanifa and Arab-D reservoirs in the southern dome of Abqaiq field in Saudi Arabia.

Even though Hanifa and Arab-D reservoirs are separated by about 300 feet of impermeable Carbonates, the two reservoirs are in pressure-fluid communication through conductive faults/fractures in the heavily faulted/fractured area of Abqaiq field.

Late time pressure anomalies on the log-log plots were observed on several field examples of transient tests in Hanifa reservoir and some were interpreted as external effects of pressure support from the communicating Arab-D reservoir. Simulation modeling was used to further analyze such pressure responses.

Better reservoir management decisions and more focused development strategies can be achieved through the utilization of the quantitative pressure transient analysis of those tests.

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