VICO Indonesia operates in Sanga-Sanga, East Kalimantan produce gas and oil with approximately 1.0 BSCFD and 30,000 BOPD in 5 main plants; Badak, Nilam, Semberah, Mutiara, and Pamaguan. VICO Indonesia is continuously encouraged to reduce operating costs by minimizing operations cost and optimizing operability. One of the strategies is using Risk based approach methodology in carrying out inspection management for pressurized production facility. The objective of risk-based inspection is to ensure and maintain the required confidence of pressurized production facilities and maximizes its operating availability by planning of inspection interval and methods.

The basic steps of risk-based inspection are:

  • Creation and maintenance of asset register

  • Assessment of consequence and probability of failure

  • Creation inspection planning

  • Evaluate the inspection results

  • Review by risk based "team approach"

The feedback loop of risk-based inspection is essential for the continuous improvement.

This paper summarizes the experience in developing and implementing risk based inspection strategy for tackling the most failure mode in VICO Indonesia's pressurized surface production facilities. A description is given on how to focus inspection resources using risk based "team approach" involving inspection, operation and process engineers. A challenge of obtaining a reliable and cost effective inspection technique is also described. Finally, some useful lesson learned are included to prevent common problems from recurring, to stimulate the application of better practice and where possible to prevent or reduce the failure.

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