Effective management of oil and gas fields over field life with the objective of maximising asset value can be a complex affair. Application and integration of various skills from subsurface (geology, geophysics, petrophysics, reservoir engineering, production technology and drilling) to surface engineering, production operations / surveillance and economics disciplines are required to manage technical, commercial and political challenges and uncertainties. In large organizations, there are the additional challenges of ensuring consistent work quality and process with multiple projects and technical personnel with different levels of skills and experience.

Subsurface and economic disciplines workflow over a field life from acquisition of exploration or development areas, exploration, development, production and abandonment work activities were mapped, improved and integrated to ensure work are executed more efficiently and correctly.

This paper describes the techniques and activities involved in developing this workflow which incorporates data and information management, technology mastery and promoting a collaborative and integrated multidiscipline approach. It was developed and deployed in two phases over 3 years and became the first web enabled workflow in the organisation. Pilot implementation was carried out on a number of domestic, international and outsource Field Development and Field Review projects.

Case histories of the application, benefits gained and lessons learnt are discussed this paper.

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