Naturally Fractured Reservoir (NFR) characterization represents an increased focus for oil and gas companies as it becomes more and more admitted that they represent a substantial part of their portfolio. However the complexity of the understanding of fractured reservoirs, in terms of fracturing mechanism, fracture density, orientation, and the complexity of their management issues (i.e. infill drilling, water production, steam injection, to list few of these issues) pushed several service and integrated companies to tackle the fractured reservoir characterization challenge. Moreover the use of integrated approaches with the help of 3D seismic and new technologies are started to show successful results. This paper will present two technologies where 3D seismic attributes along with geologic and engineering data are being used to characterize fractured reservoirs. The first technology will show how the use of post-stack seismic in an integrated approach, involving high resolution seismic inversion, spectral imaging and static geological modeling, provides an accurate fracture reservoir model that can be applied in the reservoir simulation and development stage. The second technology will highlight the use of pre-stack seismic to actually image the fracture distribution. Application of these technologies is presented on two different fields.

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