The Japan National Oil Corporation has constructed a National Data Repository to address the data management needs of both JNOC and the Japanese oil industry at large. Before this project, JNOC had difficulty managing the vast amount of data that it acquired each year. The costs associated with data management were large as well. Since the creation of the Repository, JNOC has been able to meet several goals. First, the secure and entitled storage of well and seismic data is ensured. Second, those data are more readily accessible by all potential users. Third, it has begun to unify the data management practices at JNOC, making them easier to maintain and define. It is also allowing users to go to a single place for all their data needs. Fourth, the project has reduced data management costs at JNOC and will do so for the Japanese oil companies as well. As part of its service to the local industry, JNOC is providing the NDR facility and expertise to all oil companies in Japan. This will allow them to reduce their data management costs, for both JNOC-sponsored projects and any others they choose to house at the NDR. The facility makes this possible by providing a fully entitled data store.

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