Reservoir dynamics and the unique physics of the production behavior for this type of reservoirs make it an interesting reservoir enhancement problem. The potential of different well completions can increase significantly the existed production levels and the economic objectives as compared to current completions practices, which makes this a unique production engineering challenge.

Gas dissolved in water (GDW) reservoirs, are a unique application of reservoir and production engineering. However, development and optimization of this type of reservoir can be easily implemented by application of current technology. A workflow process for reservoir management of this type of reservoirs is introduced. An integrated approach was taken to properly characterize a typical GDW multi-layered reservoir.

Past performance was used to quantify potential. A reservoir simulation approach was developed to match and validate reservoir performance and to forecast production from alternative completions. Although the suggested alternate completions are relatively common and easy to implement, their application to this type of reservoirs is unique and innovative.

Economic evaluation was performed to determine feasibility of the alternative completions. Montecarlo simulations were used to evaluate and quantify financial risk and applied engineering for development of field best practices. Findings and results are encouraging and suggested strategies that may result in increased production and sustained economic return.

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