Exploration for Stratigraphic trap is of higher risk but the reward can be spectacular since the closure is not limited to structural spill point. Specialized exploration tools such as 3D seismic have become economically feasible and the use of super computers has resulted in improvement in data quality and interpretation. 3D marine seismic data acquisition has become more efficient and even 3D AVO is becoming cheaper. However, integration of well data or nearby well information is highly recommended to reduce risk since high amplitudes visible on seismic data do not necessarily related to Direct Hydrocarbon Indicator (DHI). As a prerequisite, seismic processing steps need to be evaluated carefully to preserve amplitudes. This paper is based on a test AVO processing and interpretation done on Field A in the Malay Basin. Result from the test line processing and interpretation has broadened in-house expertise on the AVO technique. The analysis could also be used to upgrade the probable or possible reserves to proven reserves and to delineate stratigraphic traps.

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