As a part of the electrical submersible pumping equipment installation guidelines, electrical measurements should be conducted when production string is lowering into the well during completion operations, by this way is possible detect how electrical integrity is changing as a function of depth and if the conductor's insulation was affected by mechanical effects from the last electrical integrity measurement. Commonly, electrical integrity is verified taking insulation resistance (phase to ground) and continuity (phase to phase) measurements nevertheless, another parameter such polarization index and dielectric absorption ratio exist and be able to verify insulation resistance behavior.

Therefore, is imperative understand what means polarization index (PI) and dielectric absorption ratio (DAR). According to existing standards, those two indexes could indicate insulation quality and cleanliness state of the electrical rotary machine (asynchronous motors for this case).

To appraise the PI and DAR impact on insulation behavior were taken data form 50 different wells in Colombian Llanos basin (Llanos 34 block) and were analyzed closer to verify if PI and DAR indexes could aid to determine poor insulation quality than only conventional readings, observing that the low insulation values not always will indicates poor insulation properties. Finally, this analysis aid to determine the insulation status each time the system is electrically tested.

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