After years of testing and development, the rodless artificial lift technology for low production wells including submersible plunger pump and ESPCP is going into scale applications stage in CNPC. About 150 ESPCP field applications have been used, the performance of system showed longer running time, great energy saving and less workload of maintenance compared to the previous rod pumping unit. But from the statistic of field applications, the cable failure is one of the most common failures. So, we proposed a new cable installation equipment and method with submersible cable plug with ESPCP in this paper.

Compared to the traditional method that the cable is fixed outside the tubing, we located the cable in the tubing. There is a cable socket above the pump. In this way, the cable plug was lowered down into the tubing with the cable after putting the tool string downhole. The plug was put into the socket by the gravity force. Therefore, there was a heavy-weight part above the cable plug to guarantee the high successful rate of lowing and plug-in process. Up to now, we have used this submersible motor cable plug technology in seven wells in Xinjiang oil field.

The results show that the cable can connect to the socket successfully in ESPCP field applications. There are lots of advantages compared to the traditional operation technology. First, the operation time was shortened from 3 days to 1.5 days by eliminating the installation of cable clips and insulation test when each 10 tubings were lowed in. It can enhance the operation efficiency and reducing the operation time. Second, there was less cable clip using in this technology. It can decrease the operation cost of cable clip. At last, it avoided the cable abrasion from the tubing when lowed the string into the well, which is one the most likely failure reasons. In this way, it enhances the safety factor of operation and the cable can be reused in another well.

This technology makes the operation safer and more efficient. It can be used with not only ESPCP technology, but also other submersible artificial lift technologies.

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