This paper presents a successful application and the lessons learned during a pilot test under which a new electrical submersible pumping technology was installed in 4 wells. These helico-axial downhole pumps, V-Pump, were installed under a program of new technologies testing, which aimed for artificial lift run life extension in an extremely high sand-producing field under current cost constraints.

The oil price turndown forced Casabe Field to leave some wells inactive, even though they still have significant reserves. The cause of this decision was the expenses associated to the high frequency of interventions required due to the adverse sand production effects on the artificial lift systems.

Due to the low run life of conventional artificial lift systems that are customary to use in the field, it was necessary to search for emerging technologies that would meet the challenge presented. A screening process for new technologies were conducted, and after that, these pumps were installed in four wells, which were continuously monitored with downhole temperature, vibration and pressure sensors, fluid levels measurement, VSD readings and production tests, which would allow to understand the technology performance to achieve the desired run life, oil production gain, and to obtain lessons learned to design the second phase of the testing project.

The use of this innovative pumping technology extended the run life in the pilot wells between 180% and 420%, allowing the production of their remaining oil reserves, and giving a new approach in the production strategy of the field. One well is still running after 13 months.

Also, based on the on the information collected during the well production phase, through downhole sensors and VSD parameters, and the findings during the pump's dismantle, some recommendations were made to improve the performance in the second phase of the project. Recommendations include both improvements in the pump design and to the screening process of candidate wells.

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