A novel and flexible completion design for HGOR Wells is presented to cover all the gas well production stages in order to avoid rig interventions during natural flow which would reduce gas production potential due to water influx into the reservoir.

The objective of this paper is to introduce the proposed completion designs so other engineers can apply and improve them in their HGOR wells, maximizing gas production and reducing costs.

After studying the conversions from natural flowing wells to Artificial Lifted wells in which gas production was never recovered, the behavior was determined to be from damage (water blockage) in the near wellbore caused by the fluids used in the rig operations.

A decision was made to anticipate the inherent problems through a flexible completion design that allows for the production of different reservoirs, with tubing and/or annular flow, plunger lift, gas lift, and changing to Sucker Rod Pumping without moving tubing or killing the well, especially in the gas reservoirs.

The flexible completions also allowed for further studies of the well and proposed interventions to assist the flow.

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