The present work summarizes the experiences and lessons learned around the deployment of the first Collaborative Work Environment (CWE) at the Loma Campana field, producer of the Unconventional formation Vaca Muerta in YPF SA, Argentina.

In the context of the development of the first Unconventional field in Argentina, it was decided to telesupervise and automate all the facilities and wells. It was decided to create a centralized decision support centre (DSC) to manage the entire field operation, and to optimize the production in real time.

Despite the technological capabilities of the telesupervision tools, there was an opportunity to improve online diagnosis and the process of decision-making for well optimization based on real-time information and data from the field.

This opportunity was the starter for the creation of the first CWE in YPF Upstrem operations, to unify and coordinate online actions detected between production supervisros, DSC Supervisors, production and reservoir engineers.

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