Vizcacheras is a mature oil field with the highest electric energy consumption among YPF fields. This consumption and the limitations in electrical infrastructure have constrained the growth on the number of ESP lifted wells and consequently the increase of production from the field. Permament magnent motor (PMM) technology was indentified as alternative to reduce power consumption in ESP operated wells in Vizcacheras field. This paper summarizes the field trial of PMM in Vizcacheras field.

The methodology of evaluation includes the power losses calculation of each component of ESP system and the use of hydraulic power as means to make a fair comparison between asynchronous motors (ASM) and PMM. The results of the test shows a total power saving about 17% with a significant reduction of current across ESP power cable and lower motor operating temperature.

Gross estimation about the impact of PMM technology on field and country bases are carried out to show the potential value of this technology in order to increase production by making available energy for other projects and making economically viable those wells with marginal production.

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