Mechanical tubing anchors are a widely used technology in rod pump production. One alternative method of anchoring tubing is the hydraulic anchor, a technology which is gaining acceptance in the industry. The method of actuation and overall geometry give the hydraulic tubing anchor appealing technical advantages, while also offering long term solutions to known mechanical tubing anchor problems. In the Uinta Basin, mechanical tubing anchors have made production and work-over operations complicated and lengthy. This study discusses and reviews the use of hydraulic tubing anchors vs. mechanical tubing anchors in Bundage Canyon and Lake Canyon of the Uinta Basin Wells. The Senior Production & Completions Engineer for these wells collected and monitored the data presented. Data covers decisions to install and installations of hydraulic anchors from April 2013 to October 2014. Beginning with a trial period, the hydraulic anchors had proven to operate as intended and minimize (in some cases eliminate) problems prevalent with running mechanical anchors. Although hydraulic anchors presented a greater initial cost than mechanical anchors, the benefits in reliability, reduction in install time, and reduction in retrieval time amounted to an estimated 46% savings over the course of the study.

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