The demand of heavy oil production is a challenge by the petroleum industry to develop, through new technology, and improved methods of pumping heavy oil producing wells. The "Steam ByPass" (SBP) pumps consists of a mechanical pump that operates in heavy oil-producing wells, subjected to cyclic steam stimulation (CSS), it allows the passage of steam without removing the pump from the well; additionally introduces enhancements and accessories to prevent the deposition of solids and damage to internal components during the injection phase that cause premature failure.

Actually in PDVSA West the process to cyclic steam injection with down hole pumping was carried out by annulus (casing - tubing) which could cause problems, such as: casing deterioration, lower quality steam, pumping premature failure (anchor, cage, and balls), loss or inefficiency of the steam cycles.

The high rate of failure of pumps, after the cyclic steam injection, it has originated the search for an alternative which increase or maximize the run life of pumps subjected CSS.

The evaluation of the "Steam ByPass" pump had been used in two (02) wells of Lagunillas field in PDVSA West and has obtained reduction of production deferred after CSS (in order to 100%), as well as reducing work over (almost two) during a regular process or to cause premature failure. These two tests has showed that the SBP pump overcoming the time average durability of pumps subjected to similarly process and demonstrated it is operational performance.

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