Dmitry A. Kustaryov, a drilling engineer in LLC TNK-Uvat since 2012 (OJSC Oil Company Rosneft).

Sergey A. Rubatsov, a drilling field supervisor in OJSC Samotlorneftegaz since 2012 (OJSC Oil Company Rosneft).

In 2011, both authors had a working experience in OJSC Orenburgneft as drilling engineers. OJSC Orenburhneft fields are represented by highly-fractured carbonate rocks. Therefore, the main drilling problems are associated with lost circulation and significant mud losses. The region has a wealth of experience in dealing with these drilling problems and detailed step-by-step actions have been developed. However, apart from drilling, production casing installation in some cases is also accompanied by lost circulation. Lost circulation during casing cementing has the most severe and irreversible effect. Various lost circulation control methods have been tested and are being applied in the region in order to prevent lost circulation during well completion, but there are no comprehensive methods in well completion as in drilling. Therefore, the authors set a goal to analyze technologies applied in the Company, to review the global experience of well cementing and after all to develop a uniform procedure to prevent lost circulation in production casing installation conditions. After such procedure is created, it can be used not only by OJSC Orenburgneft engineers but in other subsidiaries of OJSC Oil Company Rosneft.

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