This work is devoted to the actual problem – increase in completeness of extraction of oil on Yaregskaya area of Yarega oil field.

In present time the most effective method of exploitation of Yaregskaya area is thermo-mine technology using underground-surface system with radial scheme of formation exposing 300 m wells. Improve ment of thermo-mine method of exploitation allows to increase recovery rates and oil recovery factor. In present time to recover the remaining reserves it is proposed to construct mini-mines using underground and surface system with panel system of formation exposing 800 m wells. Using of this system will allow to reduce penetration of excavation in 2 times. Besides, it will allow save temperature of the miner atmosphere in admissible limits till the end of oil field exploration. Construction of mini-mines will allow to reduce charges of excavation.

Yarega oil field of high-viscosity oil is situated in 18 km to the south-west from Ukhta. The oil field is dated for the Yaregskay, Lyayelskay and Vezhavozhskay structures having the general extent of 36 km (drawing 1). Yarega`s oil viscosity reaches 16000 mPa*s, initial gas to oil ratio (GOR) is 10–13 m3/t, initial reservoir pressure is 1,3 MPa.

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