Presently, JSC "NK" Rosneft " holds 13 license areas (License Blocks) in Eastern Siberia. From 2009 till 2012 thirteen exploration and appraisal wells had been drilled on six License Blocks in Irkutsk region, and only one of those wells showed considerable/commercial flow of oil. This is primarily related to low informative content of areal geophysical and geochemical data, due to complex geology, which includes surface traps and tuffs, sills, thick salt intervals and little difference in physical properties of reservoir and non-reservoir rock. Drilling wells within estimated major structural and tectonic traps bounded by faults, identified by 2D seismic and gravmag surveys, did not bring the desired result. Reservoir (subreservoir) drilled happened to have poor permeability and porosity parameters and the wells flowed poorly.

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