The article describes a method of investigation the impact of the ice field on the dive sites offshore oil in Arctic. There is an example of the calculation of the durability and steadiness of large diameter offshore (sea) pipeline, laid in the ground with a deep when pairing offshore and onshore areas with the influence of ice formation.

The study shows that even small seas compared to the ocean icebergs ice formation in the Arctic of the Northern Russian lead to loss of steadiness and shape of the steel pipe and lead to the destruction of the outer concrete coating line.

The paper also describes the basic design decisions made with consideration of the impact of ice formations on offshore oil facilities, and provides a map of the waters of the Russian Arctic with zones marked on it with the possible danger to the objects which are under study.

The map was compiled from publicly available data into account AARI, monographs of researchers of Arctic region, as well as the bathymetry.

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