Knowledge on coastal processes is required for construction of robust coastal structures in the Arctic. Pechora sector of the Barents Sea is one of key areas for hydrocarbons production in the Arctic region. Description and analysis of erosion processes in coastal zone of Varandey area are presented. Three areas are considered – Pesyakov Island, Varandey Island, and Continental coastal zone of Malozemelskaya Tundra from Peschanka River to Western part of Medynskiy Zavarot Peninsula (further designated as Medynskiy segment). Varandey and Pesyakov Islands have close geomorphological structure, and present marine terraces from fine sand deposits. The former Island is exposed to erosion due to both, human and natural factors, while the erosion of the latter has only be associated to natural actions. Human factor in Varandey Island mainly consists in removal of sand deposits from avandune and intensive traffic of motorized vehicles on the beach and dunes. Natural factors of erosion on these islands are related to wave action, the deficiency of coarse-grained beach-forming material, the poorly developed profile of submarine coastal slope, and the high gradient of the avandune slopes. One can assess the human factor in erosion processes by comparison of erosion in these two areas. Medynskiy segment is marine terrace composed from dense ice and marine loams and clays. Thermoabrasion plays the main role in coastal erosion here. Techniques of erosion measurements and their results as well as some results of field campaign undertaken in 2012 are presented in the article. Results of preliminary analysis of satellite images from 1961-2012 has confirmed and extended known results on erosion rates in Varandey area obtained from filed surveys conducted between 1987-2012. Results show that erosion on Pesyakov Island was moderate, on Varandey Island – from moderate to rapid, and on Medynskiy segment from moderate to extremely rapid in 1961-2012. Presented results of research can be used as an element for quantitative and qualitative description of erosion over 1961-2012 in Varandey area and are data of primary importance for any further coastal research or coastal engineering designs undertaken in this area.

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