The goal of this article is the development of the research software for precise estimations of seismic resistance of ground facilities. The base of the method proposed is the mathematical modeling of elastic waves propagation originated in the earthquake hypocenter through heterogeneous media. As a source of the perturbation the geophysical focal mechanism model based on the slipping along the fault is used. For the description of dynamic behavior of media the hyperbolic system of equations of elastic media is used with the explicit allocation of contact borders of all heterogeneities. It is solved using the grid-characteristic method on curvilinear structured 3D meshes. One feature of used numerical algorithm is its high scalability per number of cores. The usage of curvilinear meshes allows description of a wide variety of geometries with high precision. Assessments of seismic resistance are based on the analysis of plasticity and rupture criteria (Mises, Tresca, etc.). Mathematical formulation of problem, development of the research software and a set of numerical experiments were done by authors. The results of modeling of propagation of seismic perturbation through geological multilayered medium and assessment of seismic resistivity of ground facility are described in this article. The estimation of software scalability per core was carried out. The wave response from a cluster of gas-filled vertical cracks was obtained in 3D case.

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