The development of the Arctic shelf provides new tasks to investigators that relate to local site surveys as well as specific type of engineering structuresfor developing a more financially beneficial and safe design solutions. But in both cases, primarily safety of people is important at all stages of construction from the beginning to the end of facility exploitation.

An integrated approach to investigations allows an engineer to see the complete picture of climate and geological conditions of an area of investigation, which allows developing a more accurate design decisions. Unfortunately presently more and more projects are splittedinto smaller objects or even different kinds of work. Now it often happens when one organization performs remote geophysical methods, another processes drilling and other geotechnical engineering, a third one just laboratory tests.

This approach typically leads to situation when geophysicists cannot or difficult to definegeological horizons and reflectors without real soil section knowledge, as well as obtained in laboratory soil strength properties do not allow to provide design decision for contraction installation. As a result, it can be found out that the site is not suitable, when integrated approach and data could define all negative aspects at offshore stage and applicable site could be determined directly in the field with performance of some necessary details, etc. Therefore our company supplies fully the integration approach in surveys that allows developing a safe design solution and economically favorable terms.

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