Gas condensate field development requires tight control of the amount of the condensate content (C5+ components fraction) in produced gas condensate. Monitoring of C5+ content and optimization of the amount of condensate produced is required for the maximization of the condensate production and as response on the limitations posed by surface equipment and transportation system.

Contemporary multiphase flow metering (MPFM) technologies although capable to monitor amount of condensate produced are strongly dependent on quality of the models used to estimate fluid phase properties. It is specifically important for gas condensate fields where no single fluid model is applicable for the full range of production history. Therefore development of the reservoir simulation model capable to reproduce dynamics of the condensate production during the MPFM job is necessary to validate quality of the measurements. Nevertheless condensate content in produced fluid depends not only on current production parameters but is also sensitive to the production history and problem of the optimal production strategy selection by the means of traditional reservoir simulations requires significant amount of simulator runs and is computationally expensive.

Possibility to simulate processes in the reservoir with accuracy sufficient to simulate dynamics of gas condensate recovery and would allow simulation of the MPFM process for the gas condensate wells was demonstrated for the dual energy gamma Venturi meters (Vx flow meters). Derived from the analysis of the dynamics of the condensate production obtained using developed reservoir simulator model "Proxi" model for fast C5+Tot estimation was proposed. Capability of the "Proxi" model to get fast estimation C5+ content for given gas production rate and cumulative gas production were demonstrated and possible solution for condensate production optimization for the group of the wells based on the proposed "Proxi" model was suggested.

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