In the fields of the Arctic region of Western Siberia, the operation of oil and gas wells is complicated by many factors. Among these problems, it should be noted low reservoir pressure and low rates during production of oil from reservoirs, low inflow rates of heavy oil, as well as the flooding of low-pressure gas wells leading to the well shutdown and the decrease of production.

The technology of artificial-lift operation with the electrical submersible plunger pump (PP) was developed for the low-flow-rate wells in the complicated conditions of the Arctic fields (Urengoyskoe, Yamburgskoe, Russkoe). The key elements of this technique are the linear motor with high-energy permanent magnets and plunger pump. Work on energy and structural optimization of the experimental unit allowed to minimize the steel intensity, to ensure ease of the operating, high reliability, ability of using in horizontal wells and the pressure independence on flow rate. The use of innovative single-wire system power of electric motor provides an opportunity to significantly reduce the cost of the electricity transmission by cable, as well as to reduce the thickness of the cable and improve the reliability of the system. One of the alternative technology involves the use of umbilical, which combines the functions of cable and tubing, and wellhead blow-out preventer (BOP). This technology allows operating wells by artificial-lift method without the well killing, as a consequence it reduces the time and maintenance costs of workover, increases the security of round-trips.

Theoretical calculations and studies confirm the efficiency of the chosen technical solutions that can provide cost-effective and energy-efficient artificial lift operation of oil and gas wells for the Arctic fields and other problem areas.

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