A case study of one of the reservoirs of X Field, Greenfield (Russia, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Rosneft OC) considered the approaches applied to determine the optimal length of a horizontal well (HW) on a flow simulation model. In particular, the flow simulation model includes the results of well logging – production log in comparison with permeability, indicating a mismatch between volumes of interval fluid inflow into the well and permeability values of the interval.

The differences of the results of the work previously performed involve the fact that a standard procedure to determine the NPV (net present value) of the project was applied, which is included into field development plans (FDP), supplemented by indicators that take into account higher well drilling costs with increasing of a horizontal part and changes in the liquid inflow intensity per unit length of a horizontal wellbore. The outcome of the study was the creation of a method to determine the optimal length of a HW using flow simulation.

The value of the work involves a more confident prediction of oil recovery levels for horizontal wells and, as a result, the amounts of investment required in case of low reservoir knowledge.

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