• The context of the Oil Spill

    • Inconvenience of the existing oil spill recovery solutions

    • Problems that we face during the recovery operation

    • 5 important recommendations

  • The Technology

  • The Arctic solution

Despite the significant methods employed, very few- if any- hydrocarbons are recovered at sea. The existing solutions are not capable to recover Oil Spill at difficult weather conditions, rapidly and efficiently, especially in the Arctic. This paper will talk about the patented innovative technology to fight Oil Spill at sea and especially in Artic extreme environments.

First of all we will go through the main disadvantages of the existing solutions to fight oil spill pollution. We will see images and drawings that will explain us the reason of its bad functioning. Then we will put in advance few very important points which must be considered while choosing the solution of oil spill response at sea. And finally we will see in details the technology that permits to recover oil spill at any sea without creating emulsion.

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