Advanced drilling technologies were used on two offshore multiwell platforms in the Lunskoye and Piltun-Astokhskoye fields, in the Sea of Okhotsk to deliver wells that required complex drilling to manage well-to-well collision risk, and to perform underreaming operations, extended-reach drilling (ERD), sidetracking, geosteering, and acquisition of thorough logging-whiledrilling (LWD) data.

The project benefited from the successful implementation of a new concept that combined various groups of technical experts within the operating and service companies to address project challenges through proper well planning, 24/7 monitoring, and intervention, when needed, during the execution phase, as well as post-well analysis fed into the planning of subsequent wells.

The effectiveness of the collaborative drilling technical team was proven by the overall results since implementing the new concept. Four wells were drilled "shoe to shoe" 25 days ahead of approved for expenditure (AFE) time for the drilling phase. More than 70 proactive interventions to prevent nonproductive time (NPT) were made and delivered to the drilling teams during trial runs; of these, 60% were considered significant and resulted in the implementation of a drilling and engineering operations planning service on subsequent wells. It was the first time in the Lunskoye field that a well had been delivered 8.9 days ahead of AFE for 53.6 days for the drilling phase. The success established good synergy among the client geoscientists and drilling personnel in town, platform teams, including the drilling supervisor (DSV) and offshore drilling engineer (ODE), and service companies providing mud logging services, drilling fluids, directional drilling and LWD services, and bits and underreamers.

Thanks to the successful results obtained from the collaborative drilling technical team concept, it has been accepted for use in this major offshore project as it brings continuous improvement to drilling operations through a cyclic process of planning-execution-evaluation.

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