The article offers scientific solutions regarding drilling of horizontalextended reach wells for the Arctic development. In particular, ground-based drilling complex of XXI century with tipping tower was developed. The article describes constructions of its overland and borehole components. A lot of attention is paid to load transfer from the well head to its bottomhole. The article describes solutions made for addressing problems connected to additional loads on the bottomhole and well head; in particular, even drilling bit feed need. The article also includes calculation of the well profile and load characteristics of the drilling complex for the well of 15 km and horizontal borehole depth of 1.5 km. The author proves perspectives of field’s application and data about testing of downhole drilling thrusting device; offers a horizontal borehole subsea depth estimating method, according to fracturing prevention and sea bed pollution. The article shows a mathematical model of heat and weight transfer in the well for foundation of managerial parameters of formation exposing, drilling and casing in permafrost.

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