The geological studies carried out on the territory of the Taimyr autonomous district of the Krasnoyarsk Krai during the period of 1930–1950 by the Glavsevmorputi subdivisions, the USSR Mingeo organizations and the institutes of the USSR Academy of Sciences (AS) show a considerable thickness of sedimentary deposits perspective for oil and gas, the availability of the Paleozoic salt-bearing sections, the prolongation of the continental tectonic structures into the water area of the marginal seas followed by the increase of the sedimentary deposits The TAD borders on three oil and gas bearing provinces of Siberia such as the West-Siberian, the Khatango-Vilyuisk and the Leno-Tungussk the limits of which allocate the Enisei-Khatangsk OGR and partially the Pur – Tazovsk OGR. (20). The total area of the oil and gas potential lands is over 550 th square km (13).

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