Problems of well production monitoring, flow assurance and control over excavation of resources stand especially serious in harsh Arctic conditions. In case of such difficulties as gas-condensate-oil saturation, high areal and vertical heterogeneity of the reservoir and essential reservoir overpressure strong needs in individual well productivity monitoring appears. This is the only approach to optimize reservoir development properly. Continuous online monitoring of fluid flow from the reservoir to refinery facility allows avoiding hydrate formation and wax-asphalten deposition, so prevent production losses.

Now days several gas-condensate fields are under development in Russia. But the only technology recommended by licensing authority for the CGR metering is a large well testing separator. This recommendation has been brought out in 70s years of previous century. Large separators are quite dangerous by nature, cannot be fully automated, and must be equipped with additional heating devices and need expensive maintenance in Arctic conditions.

On the license blocks belonging to Rospan International- a TNK-bp company- compact and highly-mobile non-separating multiphase flow metering technologies are being tested and improved. This paper is about more than four years experience of usage of Schlumberger Vx PhaseTester. Also Vx technology enhancements for gas- condensate wells done on Rospan International fields are described. Metrological studies of multiphase flow meters were also done before. Such studies are being carried out by Rospan International in collaboration with service companies- some of the results are published in this paper.

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