Scientific and technical support of fields in the complex environment requires a unique approach for each field. Most of the new projects of TNK-BP, one way or another, are associated with extreme conditions, complex geological structure, lack of infrastructure and, therefore, higher investment risks. In recent years, TNK-BP has successfully brought a number of Uvat Project and Eastern Siberia fields into development (Urna, Ust-Tegus, Verkhnechonskoye). Besides, active work on future Yamal projects (Russkoye, SuzunϬ and other assets) is in progress.

The article describes the main methods used for scientific support for the development of the Company’s new projects. The main challenges of Uvat project, i.e. the remoteness from infrastructure, marshland, and poor predictability of net pay thicknesses, have been successfully solved by drilling of super-pads with big step-outs, up to 3 kilometers, and continuous support of drilling using geological and hydrodynamic models. The uniqueness of Verkhnechonskoye field is in very low temperatures, salinization, and high heterogeneity of reservoirs. The geological conditions are complicated by geography, i.e. Eastern Siberia is a new development area. The field is drilled out by horizontal wells using geosteering and detailed geological and hydrodynamic models. Russkoye and Suzun fields are, in fact, in arctic conditions, reservoir evaluation is made using a unique approach to modeling. The experience received in the process of development of such fields can be used in more extreme conditions of the Arctic Region, Yamal, and East Siberia.

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