This paper discusses the hydrocarbons exploration project in the conditions of the Russian continental shelf, at the examples of exploration wells Kirinskaya-2, Kirinskaya-3 and Yuzhno-Kirinskaya-1, in the Kirinskiy license block, offshore Sakhalin Island.

Operations were held in summer seasons of 2009 and 2010, and comprised planning, key risks analysis and mitigation, optimization of drilling, well logging and testing technology mix. Technical specifics of the projects were caused by insufficiently developed infrastructure, short operation period (from summer to early autumn), simultaneous operations from a number of semi-submersible drilling rigs (2010), and necessity of quick decision making in real time.

Technical input

  • Systematic selection of well logging technologies and testing program, data integration for further wildcatting and exploration drilling tasks;

  • Description of problems and complications while well drilling, logging and testing and remedial measures.

  • A list of preparatory works for project implementation was compiled at the early planning stage.

  • Organization and personnel qualification requirements were described.

  • Time-schedule breakdown was provided for each type of operations.

  • Issues of logistics and customs regulation related to mobilization of personnel, materials, and equipment were discussed.

The paper was divided into the following sections:

  1. Project Planning: Schedule Compiling

  2. Estimating Key Risks of Project Implementation

  3. Project Participants Cooperation Arrangement

  4. Logging-While-Drilling, Wireline logging and Well Testing technology mix Optimization

  5. Logistics and Customs Support

  6. Time Efficiency Analysis by the types of operations: Case Study

  7. QHSE Issues

  8. Lessons Learned and Operation Efficiency Enhancement potential


The described approach could be used for exploration drilling and completion project implementation in the Russian offshore environment. The lessons learned will be used by the project participants at the next Russian offshore drilling projects.


The Project was successfully implemented within the schedule. The selected technological complex enabled to find efficient solution to specified geological tasks.

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