The current work is focused on definition of development strategies applicability for Russkoe heavy oilfield located above Polar Circle. For this authors collected the world-wide experience of heavy oilfield development approaches supplied with permafrost zones and systemed the results obtained on Russkoe oilfield. Series of investigations result in the fact that there is no an exact analog for Russkoe oilfield. However analog oilfields can be assumed for separated zones of Russkoe oilfield. Russkoe oilfield is characterized by a unique combination of factors having a critical influence on the choice of EOR methods. High oil viscosity, multiple faults within a formation, extensive water-oil and gas-oil saturated zones, great thickness and vertical heterogeneity of target layers, permafrost (to 500 m depth), low reservoir temperature, poor cemented sandstone rocks. Authors investigated world heavy oilfields, systemed its experience, compared geology for analogs, formed statistics of the effectiveness of EOR methods applicability.

Several regions of heavy oilfields were defined. First of all it is heavy oilfields with permafrost located in Canada, China, USA and Russia, in the second turn it is non-permafrost zone heavy oilfields located in Venezuela, central part of the USA and Kazakhstan.

As a result world experience of heavy oilfield development is summarized, geological particularities are compared, the applicability of methods projected on Russkoe oilfield.

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