The Samotlor field developed by TNK-BP is the largest oilfield in Russia. The first oil in the Samotlor field was produced in the 1960s. Today, the operating production well stock exceeds 8700, most of them equipped with ESP. At fields with such a high number of wells, every minute there are thousands of events that should be correctly processed to make a correct control decision. Efficient production requires prompt data, fast processing of that data and an appropriate response. By introducing an integrated real-time production monitoring, analysis and control system it is possible to eliminate the process gaps and improve cost-efficiency.

To introduce the production optimization process in real time, a three-phase multidisciplinary project was initiated: (1) installation of the submersible telemetry transducers at the ESP's and data transfer to the workstations; (2) implementation of the well remote control function; (3) implementation of the real-time production monitoring system. During the first phase, 60% of the wells were equipped with the submersible telemetry transducers, 100% of data was transferred to the SCADA. Implementation of the second phase resulted in creating the functions of the ESP remote control. These functions were implemented in the SCADA software, which enables the ESP start up, shutdown, frequency variation and change of the key operation parameters. During the third phase, a real-time production monitoring analytical system was implemented based on the exception criteria.

During the fourth phase of the project, the approaches implemented for the production well stock will be extended to the surface facilities (oil processing facilities, reservoir pressure maintenance system), injection well stock, pipelines, which will be one more step in the implementation of the intelligent field concept. For mature fields, such as Samotlor, efficient operation is extremely important. The use of the real-time production optimization process allows for improvement of profitability and extension of field life. This approach is especially relevant in the development of Arctic oilfields as it allows for streamlined control of production process with minimum personnel directly on site.

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