Production Logging examples including a new sensor which provides four independent water holdup measurements are presented. Combined with the conventional Production Logging string, the Floview* Tool, significantly improves downhole flow diagnosis in vertical and deviated wells. Fluid images from four symmetrically positioned probes provide information on flow regimes and phase segregation. The tool has specific applications in horizontal wells for water holdup determination in segregated flow conditions.

The examples provided present surveys from five wells conducted in one of the Middle East reservoirs, where the objectives were not only to identify the main water and gas entry zones into the wellbore, but also to determine the quantitative downhole flow profile.


With the exception of Carbon-Oxygen tools and Oxygen Activation methods, most Production Logging (PL) sensor technology is more than two decades old. Though there have been improvements in the sensors, the physics of measurement for almost all of them have remained the same. Interpretation of PL data and determination of downhole flow profile under single phase flowing conditions is usually a straightforward task. Multiphase flow is a more complex phenomenon, as holdup, slippage velocity and phase segregation complicate the flow behavior.

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